Why I Write

"The lament, at its heart, is giving voice to the suffering that accompanies deep loss, whatever that loss may be. Lament is not about suffering. Lament is the language of suffering, the voicing of suffering. Behind lament are tears over loss. Lament goes beyond the tears to voice the suffering. Lament is an achievement. The mere voicing of one's suffering is complaint. Lament is a cry to God. In the Bible, there is plenty of lament, protest, anger, and baffled questions. The point we should notice (possibly to our surprise) is that it is all hurled at God, not by his enemies, but by those who loved and trusted him most. It seems, indeed, that it is precisely those who have the closest relationship with God who feel most at liberty to pour out their pain and protest to God- without fear or reproach. Lament is not only allowed in the Bible; it is modeled for us in abundance. God seems to want to give us many words with which to fill in our complaint forms as to write out thank-you notes. Perhaps this is because whatever amount of lament the world causes us to express is a drop in the ocean compared to the grief in the heart of God himself at the totality of suffering that only God can comprehend." -Nicholas Wolterstorff

So, what is our goal for meeting here? Why should you read this blog? What will you learn or relate to that you should spend a few moments of your day with me? I am writing a blog so that I can organize my own thoughts, so that I can make a monument to the things the Lord is teaching me. I hope that anyone traveling down the same road with me can find comfort and fellowship with me and those who may join us. So what road are we traveling? I am traveling a hard road it seems sometimes, and at on other days it isn't so tough. But the days that are miserable sometimes overwhelm the good ones.

One of my favorite scriptures is Romans 12:12. "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer."
I want to be joyful in hope, but it seems like things will always be the same. I want to be patient in affliction but it is hard to. And as the mother of four young children, I use the excuse that I am too tired to be faithful in prayer. But God hears our excuses, and he knows what season of life we are in, and he calls us to obey. He tells us that he is faithful, even if our situation in the moment isn't what we would have chosen. He provides us with the supernatural power of his holy Spirit to equip us to do that which seems impossible or undesirable.