13 February 2011

Gods of Comfort and Convenience

My church started a series on the 10 commandments. Can you name all of them?

One thing came to mind when we talked about the first one:

You shall have no other gods before me." Exodus 20:3

Evidently the phrase "before me" could mean 4 things.

1. in front of
2. beside, alongside
3. instead of
4. in the face of/ presence of

My pastor ran through a short list of things that can be before God, such as job, wife, children, money. I thought immediately of the two "gods" that I, and many other moms and wives, frequently put before God... comfort and convenience.

Usually I want to sleep in, or fall asleep, instead of get up and spend time- real, focused time- with God. Usually I want to stay comfy in bed when I do get up, or stay up, to spend time with him. Usually I give a big martyr sigh when I have to go into my daughter's bedroom to talk to her at night when she "should be asleep." Frequently I snap at small people when I have a request of some kind or another while I'm busy doing something else.

And the grief I give my husband when he doesn't give me his full attention! How can I complain about getting his partial attention when I give God my partial attention?! Thankfully God forgives us and he is waiting for us to return to him. That we would be so forgiving and patient for our families.

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