04 August 2010

Still Here!

Not to much to say that I can put into words before bed. Bedtime comes so quickly when I'm this tired. I donated some sleep time to the maintenance of my home and I'm just done for the day. I wanted to just say hi, I'm still here, to those of you that mentioned that you miss new posts when you check back. Glad to know that there is someone out in blogland reading me! I have a little list of stuff I'd like to share, and I'm going to get on it this week. Thanks for thinking of me!

I've been working full time at a local daycare until James starts school Aufgust 23rd. The GI Bill gives us a housing allotment so hopefully our struggle with unemployment will ease some. My heart has been hurting with all I have been seeing in the daycare system, how the parents and kids (and teachers too) struggle.

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