28 June 2010

My Dream Car

What does it mean that I desperately want a white 10-passenger van? What is the underlying desire that makes this behemoth car so appealing to me? I've been pondering it, and have come to some conclusions.

The external, easily enunciated reason that I want such a van is so that I can fill it up with children. MY children. The children I've had myself, and the sibling groups I've adopted from the foster care system in our country. So they'll all have a safe spot to sit, and we can go places together.

However, this is such a "Pipe Dream" right now that I was delving a little more deeply into why on earth I cling to this desire... and I decided that having such a van would be a visible sign of God-ordained spiritual and emotional growth in my husband. Having a van this "out of the ordinary" would mean that he doesn't care what others think of him. It would mean that he would welcome children who need a home into ours. It would mean that he was providing for our needs. It would mean so many things.

And that's why I really want one.
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