21 May 2010

Mental Work

(chirp) (chirp)

uhhh.... Hello? Anyone here?

It's been a while. No excuses. I'm going to just jump in.

James has been in CA chasing work for the past 5 weeks. You know that ratcheting noise the roller coaster makes as it pulls itself up the hill? I think that's what he's been doing, this whole agonizing 7 months of unemployment. One ratcheting, nerve-wracking hitch upwards after another.

"He's doing a lot of mental work," I keep saying when people ask how it's going. And it's no lie- he is. It's hard to be patient and supportive while he grows. He stayed with family when he was in CA and they are very family-centric. Plus, his aunt works in a bowling alley and last I heard, one of his cousins worked at a grocery store. He says he's ready to come home and work at FedEx or the PO or where ever. Time will tell!

For better or worse, in sickness and in health, in poverty or wealth. That's what we said. Whew! and that's what we've done!

What does my arm say?


Here goes.

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