16 March 2010


I've been trying to look on "the bright side" of doing childcare again. I'm trying to look at it like someone is paying me to look after my own kids in a better fashion.

When I do childcare, I am really conscious of doing a good job. I want to always feed them breakfast by 8:30, I want to change their diaper at least every two hours, I want them down for nap at a regular time. I wash their little faces and give them healthy snacks. In short, my kids get more structured care because I am stewarding someone else's.

But when I figured that out, the Lord spoke to me and asked why did someone have to PAY me to better steward the children he is asking me to watch? My own children?

Yikes... I was humbled and fought off overwhelming feelings of guilt. My own children are only here for me to steward into Christ's image- they don't belong to me. At the end of my time with them, God isn't going to check and see if their faces are clean or their clothes match. He's going to look at their hearts and their choices and how well they submit to his will.

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Teresa (Tracy) Dear