08 February 2010

Own it!

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I feel at times like I am waiting for the hundred-year bloom of a rare plant in some far-off desert. Did it bloom while I was napping? Did I somehow miss it? Or is it going to bloom mere days after I die?

I look at my husband and I think similar thoughts... what is he waiting for? When is he going to grow up? Or... are my standards too high? Is this what I get? How will I know? So many of his generation are fighting adulthood, clinging to their youth in a heels-dug-in attempt to avoid responsibility. What may frustrate me the most is my husband's head knowledge of what needs to be done. What he should be doing. How he could be doing different. I get mad and impatient because he talks so well... he knows what to do. Then what is stopping him?!

To me, in the black and white world I live in, if you know what to do, you do it. There might be some mumbling or groaning but you get it done. To not do it is a choice. Straight out of the boundaries book, and today's sermon at church, is this idea:

-Passing the buck wrenches control over your life from your hands.

-Owning your sin gives you power to change your life.

If you say that your parents, your surroundings, your education, whatever, made you do it, made you sin, then you were forced. You can't change who raised you- it's done. You'll never be able to choose a different way if that were so. Adam and Eve had no parents, and were in the garden of Eden. They still chose the wrong way. We have to own our own sin. Our problems are mostly due to our choices. If we say, "hey, I made the wrong choice, and it got me into this mess, but hey- I can make new and better choices today and in the future, and avoid this mess next time" then WE are in control. I like to be in control, and there's very little I am really in control of, so I should be glad to.

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Teresa (Tracy) Dear


wayne's blog said...

Come let us reason together, though our sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow. God has given you the grace you require for your marriage. The "frustration" you have in your circumstances is where the Lord is working in your life Tracy. I know you know that. As always, praying in the midst of the storm, our Lord would continue to quiet His child.