05 February 2010

Bleh Bleh Bleh

Dear readers, I am pretty tired.

I was writing a lot for my son's Contenders of the Faith club. I started a blog describing starting up his club and about our activities so that others can have an easier path. It's a club for Christian boys and it's like a scouts program.

I'm also the Austin Homeschool Examiner. That is homeschool + local Austin area-focused writing, less theory, and more of a challenge to me.

Since I'm telling you everything I do with my time, my etsy shop, mama4x, isn't doing that hot this month and if you need a handmade greeting card, a crocheted baby blanket, or some antique photos, check out my store so I can pay my bill this month! That would be great. {:P

Yesterday the repo guy came and served us our past-due bill for our van. My husband is still unemployed and all the bills are waay adding up. *sigh*

But God is faithful and we're not going hungry... He has some sort of (secret for now) plan for us... repeat that again...

I'm honored that you would read New Mercy and
I would love to hear from you through comments!
Teresa (Tracy) Dear


wayne's blog said...

): So sorry about the van. and YES, he does have good plans for you and He will NEVER LEAVE YOU OR FORSAKE YOU.

wayne's blog said...

God has given you so many gifts. Writing is definitely one of them. Congrats on your using those gifts with the Austin School Examiner.
Also, your Etsy, Mama4x's link, didn't work for me.
Love you much!