06 January 2010

Comparison Three

Oh, how the power of a song, repeating with the music, can shape our minds and affect our thoughts. During our intel training in podunk San Angelo, Texas, we bought a NEW car and drove home every other weekend to Austin to see friends, with only a Baby Taylor in the back seat. The summer of 2000 I almost exclusively listened to Nancy Griffith's Country Gold CD when driving on lonely Texas highways, James snoring in the front seat beside me, as I watched for deer at the edges of my highbeams. On one of the three-hour trips, I counted 75 deer peering at my car as it sped by. I thought of this comparison on Christmas Day as we drove north on the highway from San Antonio to Austin. Four tired, grumpy, over-Christmased kids in the back, headed home in a bad mood to a cold house and 3 hungry dogs. James, exhausted from going to his father's house for the first Christmas since he had died, slept almost the entire way, waking up to bellow at the kids.

I find so much strength from God's word sung to me, I wonder how much I absorbed from listening to this CD for 3 months. I pulled Country Gold off the shelf and listened to it as I wrote this post- I knew every word, after all these years. Key phrases from each track:

1. You be the mule, I'll be the plow, come harvest time, we'll work it out, there's still a lot of love here in these troubled fields.

3. I knew love when it was more than just a word...

4. Every day your broken heart is gonna turn a light shade of blue, Anyone can be somebody's fool- oh look at me, I once was a fool for you. Hey, when this winter's over you're gonna walk knee-deep in clover!

6. I thought that me and you, but, never mind. I always thought that we, but, never mind.

7. If I miss you at all, it's just now and then, Just once... in a very blue moon, and I feel one comin' on soon. There's a blue moon shining. When I am reminded of all we've been through... Such a blue moon... shining. Does it ever shine down on you? You act as if it never hurt you at all, like I'm the only one who's gettin' up from a fall. Don't you remember? Can't you recall?

8. Oh, I wish it would rain and wash my face clean, I want to find some dark cloud to hide in here. Oh, love and a memory sparkle like diamonds. When the diamonds fall they burn like tears.

9. When you can't find a friend you've still got the radio.

10. Someone should have told her /when beauty's all you offer, how soon the world disovers that your beauty's gone, its gone.

I had to stop listening to as soon as I first heard another song called A Hard Man to Love over 4 years ago. The song made me very vain that I was so wonderful to stay with James during crummy times in our marriage, when really it's not about my patience or ability to love him at all, it's about Christ's ability to sustain me through times like that.

When we read or listen we need to be aware of what ideas we are filling our minds with. Are they God glorifying? Are they the whispers of our enemy? And we need to be very aware at what our children are reading, watching and listening to also.

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Teresa (Tracy) Dear


Angie said...

Have enjoyed your posts lately and support you in your New Year Prayer. Any story that gives God all the glory is one of epic proportion! On another note...please pray for my husband Tom. I have know choice left but to separate from him. Please pray that he will be able to see the Lord's truth and that he is willing to find freedom in him.(I found these prayer ideas in your blog, been saying them for a while now.) I'm sad but I know I'll be ok. I'm just really worried for him he is so lost. Please please pray for him. Thank you

mama4x said...

Separation is such a hard thing. Do y'all have kids? Taking the Boundaries course really equipped me for separation and finding safe people to surround and support me made all the difference. I think the Celebrate Recovery course that many churches offer is similar. I pray that Tom will use this time to draw closer to God. Many times when we lose what we didn't know we valued we are sparked to action. But remember to focus on you and your choices and your attitude and what you are in control of. Please feel free to email me! I have been praying for you and Tom.