29 January 2010

Choose Life!

Here's the notes of how I spent my evening- with my latest copy of World magazine. I love it, it gives me a Christian take on today's news- but this pro-life issue was a tiring if riveting read.

-Three pages discuss how saving the habitat of a 2-inch fish (Delta smelt) are ravaging our food supply (CA farms aren't allowed any water) are followed by 16 pages about the abortion debate in our nation. WHAT? A tiny fish is found to be more valuable than the 50 million babies killed in the "silent holocaust" that is abortion?!

-Oh, oh, how my heart breaks... in an article about RU486, "The feelings of guilt can be more intense for women who have undergone chemical abortions, since they themselves administered the pill while they were fully conscious." For (someone) who went and lay on a table, somebody else did it. Yes, I made the decision but I was always able to rationalize that I didn't kill my own baby- somebody else did..." After women expell their unborn babies, they have to dispose of them. Massey said she once got a desperate call from a woman who said, "My baby's floating in the toilet. What do I do now? Do I flush it?"

-an excellent review by Susan Olasky, of a book called At the Center: "Rosen, sympathetic to her characters, sees through their mixed motivations and is unblinking in her depiction of what goes on in an abortion clinic. Her characters may think they are doing noble work, but the story tells a more tormented tale. Don't look for any sympathetic pro-life characters: They are nothing more than slogan-spouting voices on the story's periphery. But if you want to experience fictionally the grimness of abortion even for its advocates, this is worth slogging through."

-I'd like to end with an excerpt from Ronald Reagan's final State of the Union address, delivered January 25, 1988.

"Well, now we come to a family issue that we must have the courage to confront. Tonight, I call America--a good nation, a moral people--to charitable but realistic consideration of the terrible cost of abortion on demand. To those who say this violates a woman's right to control of her own body: Can they deny that now medical evidence confirms the unborn child is a living human being entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Let us unite as a nation and protect the unborn with legislation that would stop all Federal funding for abortion and with a human life amendment making, of course, an exception where the unborn child threatens the life of the mother. Our Judeo-Christian tradition recognizes the right of taking a life in self-defense. But with that one exception, let us look to those others in our land who cry out for children to adopt. I pledge to you tonight I will work to remove barriers to adoption and extend full sharing in family life to millions of Americans so that children who need homes can be welcomed to families who want them and love them."

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Teresa (Tracy) Dear

27 January 2010


Is this not the cutest thing ever? I was feeling bad the other day and James wrote this for my homeschooling blog:

"A poem in honor of and for my dear wife, whom I certainly don't deserve (as she may or may not have already pointed out.) Tracy is a bit under the weather, so I am unconventionally assuming her duties for the evening. Enjoy, take pity or both. God Bless."


From early light as the dawn creeps between my shaded drapes,
a call from yonder door:
"I don't want grapes in my hair."

Rest eludes to dusk again
as the four of you continue to
zip and zap to and fro
begin again and hungry though
you already ate five minutes ago

"Where's my phone and why is the dog wearing a dress?"
Oh sweet love!
your cry may fall upon silent ears
but it's humor finds me still wrapped in sheets
nestled snug

Gainfully productive I may not be
but grateful this gardener is
not trees and turf but minds you grow
and to be sure at least
your love does show.

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25 January 2010

My 225th Post!!

Please enjoy this excellent pair of pro-life, Christian, heart-moving short videos. Oh that we would all count it an honor to be hated for what makes God smile!

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Teresa (Tracy) Dear

20 January 2010


(I wrote this last night) I sit here, disappointed, tears wet on my face. When someone jostles your cup, what comes out? For me, it is a slosh of patience and then the nasty burning acid of anger.

What is it that makes me so angry?

I know it's selfishness. Thinking only of myself.

I am so angry right now! I was absolutely FURIOUS at my husband a moment ago and now it is anger at myself and regret. I have so far to go. I am disappointed because tonight a class started that I have been looking forward to for over a month. It's held at a friend's house, a dear sister in Christ, and the fellowship and laughter is always great. Always coffee and some treats someone baked and brought along. It was Beth Moore's Daniel study, a great one sort of divided into two sections- the first half is how Daniel shows us how to live in a culture far different than the one we strive for, and the second half about the prophecies and end times. I've taken it before and I really enjoyed it- I was looking forward to digging deeper this time through, instead of feeling overwhelmed at the depth of the material.

I usually end up missing half of these studies because of no childcare. I was so hopeful that tonight would be different. No, not just tonight, the whole series. I was so hoping that since James is not working, not even looking for work, that he would be able to be depended on to watch his own kids once a week so I could get out and have some good teaching and fellowship. But I guess not.

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life." (Proverbs 12:13)

I hope that my longings for someone to care for me and provide for me will be fulfilled in this lifetime. For now I will have to reflect on some scriptures about anger.

Psalm 37:8 "Refrain from anger and turn from wrath; do not fret—it leads only to evil."

Daniel: Lives of Integrity, Words of Prophecy: "Join Beth Moore in a faith-building study of prophecy, and learn how to shine for Christ in our modern culture. Just as the prophet Daniel faced unbelievable pressures— to compromise his faith, to live in a hostile culture, and confront temptations and threats—today's believers face many of the same trials."

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Teresa (Tracy) Dear

19 January 2010

Busy Couples Guide

The Busy Couple's Guide to Sharing the Work and the Joy by Kathy Peel asks the question "Can a loving, understanding couple turn into monsters that devour themselves and their young?"

Although there is sort of an assumption that it's a woman who picks up this book and "gets" her husband to read it, it is pretty man-friendly. After the intro, it has nine extensive sections. The book would be easy to read on an emergency basis, say, turning straight to the Food/Menu section when your life seems likes it's going to fall apart if the dinner situation doesn't get taken care of...

The sections are:
-"The Business of Doing Family"
-Time and Schedule
-Home and Property
-Menus and Meals
-Managing Relationships
-Special Events
-Managing Yourself
-Family Team-Building

Although the topics are different, the chapters are set up in a similar way. The book is meant to be used together, as a couple- a team running a family together. In this vein, each chapter has tasks for the couple to do together to better understand where they are, and where they want to go. These tasks include "His Normal/Her Normal- Our New Normal," and "Assess your Stress." Other powerful tools in the book are questions (with answers too), letters from the man's point of view, and sidebars full of quick tips.

One topic of family responsibility that I didn't really think of was "Special Events." I hadn't realized how much time, effort and planning goes into not only holidays and birthdays, but also the logistics of thank you cards, extended family dynamics, play date's allergies, and dentist appointments.

I think this book could be a great help to couples that are willing to work together. It could be useful, as it's written from a Christian worldview, for a wife to use on her own, because it asks important questions about attitude and big-picture desires. I think it would work even better- really well as a pre-marital book to read and study together when that kind of planning and talk talk talking is expected.

I did this book review for Mama Buzz. I received a copy of The Busy Couple's Guide to Sharing the Work and the Joy for free from Tyndale House. It's valued at $16.99.

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Teresa (Tracy) Dear

18 January 2010

Patient in Affliction

Stick with me here, dear readers. I see a wandering post ahead.

My eyes are tired. They are dry and burning a little. It reminds me of four years ago when a terrible pastor told me, before I had taken the boundaries classes, "You made children with that man. Go throw his stuff on the lawn and get a few jobs, and support those kids." I cried the entire day and ruined my contacts.

Isn't it funny, in a not funny way, that life can be such a dichotomy at times? My eyes are tired and I am spent emotionally. But my stomach is full. James made the most delicious chicken- roasted potatoes and brocollini. Garlic cloves! Plus, he had picked up a bag of chocolate covered cherries in the bulk section. All that beauty and service, after a terrible day.

This afternoon I washed my kitchen chairs. You know how the kids spill something and it splatters everywhere, and you wipe up the seat and the floor, and the missed drops just dry on hidden corners of the chair legs and flecks of paint add up and there's some unnoticed gumminess from an old sticker? I scrubbed and washed. The entire time, 2 of the kids played and my husband and I did this ugly passive-aggressive interplay. It was so heinous. I just had to leave the room to end it. I couldn't stop interacting like that. He would say something totally ludicrous and I would respond with some stupid sarcastic comment. No turning the other cheek. Not even silence for me today! Just tit for tat.

I called my Titus 2 aunt. We had a great talk. I'm in a funk. The stress of the unemployment and the bills adding up is getting to me. On the one hand, I'm supposed to follow my husband on the path he's taking us down. But as things add up, I feel like my inactivity is making me an accomplice. I want to get a job, but what will I do with the kids? Where do people like me live? How do I pay the bills that come each month, accumulating on my shoulders? How do I just get a roommate while I'm living here with my husband, who wants no roommate, but doesn't get a job to pay the bills? What is the role of a God-glorifying wife in this situation?!

My aunt was very encouraging. Everything she told me, I knew. I really know that God is in control in this, and any, situation. I know. I know he has a plan. I know he provides. But I don't know what it keeps dragging on in new and old ways. Can you please stop the ride? I wanna get off.

It is in this cold and damp and dreary weather that I forget until I'm in the shower that I have Romans 12:12 tattooed on my arm. I put it there for a reason. I want to look at it each day. When my head drops in discouragement, I see it. God lifts up my head. It's like a c-section scar, it's my battle scar.

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Teresa (Tracy) Dear

15 January 2010

Joyful in Hope

More from my Titus 2 Aunt: she read this recently in Spurgeon's

"God has a motive!
His thoughts are working to give you a future and a hope (Jer. 29:11)
All things are working together for good for those who are called according to his purposes (Rom. 8:28).

We see only the beginning. We spell the alphabet --alpha, beta, gamma... but from alpha to omega, God reads all at once. He knows every letter in the Book of providence. He sees not only what He is doing, but also the final results. God sees your present pain and grief. He also sees the future joys and usefulness that will come from this affliction. He observes not only the plow tearing the soil, but also a golden harvest clothing that soil.

He sees the consequences of affliction and knows that it will lead to much blessed happiness. Beloved, now are we the children of God; and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be (John 3:2). You will never see the Great Artist's masterpiece. You only see the rough marble and mark the chips that fall to the ground. You have felt the edge of his chisel; you know the weight of His hammer. If you could see the glorious image as it will be when He has put the finishing blows to it, you would better understand the chisel, the hammer, and the Artist."

I lose my breath in pain when I read those words:

plow tearing the soil, and oh,

felt the edge of his chisel, the weight of His hammer
Oh, I am tired. Tired of waiting. Look at this post. I am focusing on ME. I am focusing on the suffering. I am not focusing on the cross. What is this besides a momentary discomfort compared to the sufferings of Christ?

"...co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory. I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us." Romans 8:17-18

"Remember your word to your servant, for you have given me hope. My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life." Psalm 119:49-50

and my favorite: Romans 12:12,
"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."

That I could remember, just remember that this is just a moment. Argh, that God would move in my husband's heart!

I'm honored that you would read New Mercy and
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Teresa (Tracy) Dear

13 January 2010

Not Panicking

You know what I think the biggest problem men have?


Initially, this idea came from Wild at Heart by John Eldredge. He says that most men are faking their expertise and essentially their whole life, and they are sure that at any minute someone is going to figure them out and yell "Fraud!"

Much of his book is encouraging men to be men by protecting and fighting for women. James bought this book years ago (with the workbook to go with it) and still hasn't read it. I, of course, have read it at least 2 or 3 times. This is a good and a bad thing. I learned a lot about men (and women) by reading it, but it also made me feel sad because I could see the things Eldredgedescribed in my own husband, but he didn't read the book and see how other succeeded in discarding the lies of the deceiver.

So I must admit that I am struggling in this area a lot right now. I have to try very hard to not want to be an idol in my husband's mind. I want to be protected and fought for. I want to be cared for and watched over. I want to be coddled and doted on. These are good things. What makes nice desires like this -that I want to say are part of my womanhood- into idols is how badly I want them.

Am I angry and disappointed when I am not treated this way? Warning sign: idol.
Am I demanding and controlling to get this kind of treatment? Warning sign: idol.

Jan Meyers, author of The Allure of Hope, says "...the artistry of being a woman took a fateful dive into the barren places of control and loneliness." Every woman wants to "control her surrounding, her relationships, her God." John Eldredge, author of Wild at Heart, says "No longer is she vulnerable, now she will be grasping. No longer does she want simply to share in the adventure; now, she wants to control it."

The world tells me to demand my rights- the Bible tells me to love. The world tells me to henpeck and nag my husband- I want him to get up early, make my coffee, tell me his plans for getting a job while we drink it... I want him to brave the jobs he doesn't want in order to provide for us.

His unemployment was rejected. No income for over two months now, and now we shouldn't expect any unemployment. I mean, we're appealing it, but what now? I don't want to have a self-fulfilling prophecy, but he isn't slaying the dragon for us. The only reason he got out of bed this "morning" was because I started calling around about employment for me. Then he ran out the door. If I did a job, I can't count on him to watch the kids, so how could I work?

Now I know, and I've been told, that it isn't sinful to want to be provided for, that it's his job. That he needs to do that. But what? What about this kind of situation? This economy, this husband, these kids, these bills. I sent out a prayer request email last month and the subject line was "not panicking." My dear Titus 2 aunt responded with this in her subject line:

Re: not panicking...but praying, believing, trusting, rejoicing, preparing, resting in, pressing on, pressing in,relying on, hoping in, leaning on, looking to, anticipating help from, glorifying, resting in, abiding under the everlasting arms, loving, blessing, and serving my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!!!

Man. What do you say to that? I'm just confused how to best DO all that in THIS situation.

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Teresa (Tracy) Dear

11 January 2010

Blog Empire

So as I near my one-year blogging anniversary, I wonder at the point of all this. When I started all this writing, I set a goal for myself and a time limit of 18 months. I started on March 17th, so I have till September to judge if I am "a success."

I asked my husband tonight if I don't think I am "successful" then, what should I do? Stop writing? He was like, "yeah." So, he doesn't really have to think about it, but I have really enjoyed getting my thoughts in order. Twice my computer has crashed and I have gone email, Facebook, blog and internet free. Like the days when I run out of creamer and don't have any coffee, it hasn't killed me. I haven't suffered horribly and felt as if a limb was missing. No one in the blogosphere has perished without my musings. However, I know I am a writer. I don't feel like I need to be published (ie, paid) to BE a writer. It is who I am, like a woman or mother or Jesus-follower.

So how do I know how to quit? What should I judge my success or lack thereof from? Initially, I wanted to do two things:

-make enough blogging to pay my monthly internet bill ($60)
-reach people who could be impacted by what I have to say

Now, I want to feel part of a community too. Writing on my blogs has been awesome because so much of what was in my head is out. I talk a lot less!

I enjoy reading a few blogs out there, mainly ones that glorify God. I should make a blogroll of the ones I love. Maybe this week. Ever since I have been pining for comments, I have started leaving comments when I read. As a blogger, it's so encouraging! I have emailed a little with other bloggers. I know that I have begun praying for the readers of New Mercy in the past few months.

I have to tell you, my other blog, Higher Education, has more readers and more comments. (I have Google analytics, which tells me all sorts of stuff about my blog traffic, so I do know that you're here, lurking.) However, homeschooling is great and all, but my walk with the sustaining Lord is much more interesting to me. Hearing about His hand in other women's lives is exciting and wonderful to me. The opportunity to pray on your behalf is an honor like no other. I am way more interested in this blog continuing.

Have you ever been having a wonderful and animated talk about a topic you love with someone who understands you- then you realize you don't know how long ago the phone cut off, and you were talking to yourself? Sometimes that's how I feel. I don't want to "pressure" anyone by any means, I just don't want this to be a narcissistic endeavor focused on me me me. It takes time to write- 3 a week here is the same time use as 5 homeschooling posts- because there's more on the line. It's heart stuff, not head stuff. But I love you, man, whoever you are out there in blogland.

I'm honored that you would read New Mercy and
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Teresa (Tracy) Dear

08 January 2010

Comparison Four

I typed out for you part of my vows from my wedding in July 1998. What's funny is, I had so much trouble with the submission part. I was brought up by a woman who worked in corporate America for 30 years, not a feminist, but definitely not someone who wanted me to be a doormat. Don't you love that phrase! Me too.

I had some discussion with the pastor who married us. He made it clear that he was leaving that part in- it was from the Bible. He tried to explain it to me, but it was "meat" and I was still on baby bottles at that point. I made sure he said the part about James loving me like the church- I told him that my submission was contingent on that point. He agreed that James should do so but let the "contingent upon" phrase out. Now I smile.

Now, I understand a lot better what it means. Having spent some time in the Air Force helped me understand. It's not what the world would have us think; it's about authority and responsibility and chain of command. I tremble for my husband at times when I think of him answering to God. I need to take care of my responsibilities and my attitude and my heart.

Now, I revel in my position. It's not my job to try to control everything. It's not my job to do many unpleasant things. What freedom and protection a woman under a man's wing has!

anyway, here's the vows:

"The Apostle Paul writes about this love in the book of Ephesians: "Husbands, love your wife, just as Christ loves those who are His, and gave Himself up for her. He who loves his own wife loves himself; for no one ever hated his own body, but he nourishes and cares for it." God's word continues: "For this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one body."

" Tracy, as you know, the Bible commands wives to be submissive to their husbands. It will help if we understand the Bible's teaching on submission rather than our culture's teaching. Without any loss of dignity, Tracy, you are to submit because of James' spiritual leadership. Submission is based on James' "reverence for Christ" rather than any selfish motives. Because the Bible talks about mutual submission, it includes being united as one towards a common goal- supporting and encouraging.

"The Bible does not force you, James, to demand this submission and obedience. Love does impose obligations, but it does not make demands. Response if voluntary as ours is to God's love. If James loves as Christ, submission will easily follow. And then your union will demonstrate to all those around you the self-sacrificing love that the Lord Jesus has for all people.

"The Bible instructs you Tracy: '...submit to your husband as to the Lod. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church... Therefore, as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything."

"James, will you lead Tracy as head of this home and love her as Scripture instructs? Tracy, will you submit to James the way Scripture instructs?" "We will!"

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Teresa (Tracy) Dear

06 January 2010

Comparison Three

Oh, how the power of a song, repeating with the music, can shape our minds and affect our thoughts. During our intel training in podunk San Angelo, Texas, we bought a NEW car and drove home every other weekend to Austin to see friends, with only a Baby Taylor in the back seat. The summer of 2000 I almost exclusively listened to Nancy Griffith's Country Gold CD when driving on lonely Texas highways, James snoring in the front seat beside me, as I watched for deer at the edges of my highbeams. On one of the three-hour trips, I counted 75 deer peering at my car as it sped by. I thought of this comparison on Christmas Day as we drove north on the highway from San Antonio to Austin. Four tired, grumpy, over-Christmased kids in the back, headed home in a bad mood to a cold house and 3 hungry dogs. James, exhausted from going to his father's house for the first Christmas since he had died, slept almost the entire way, waking up to bellow at the kids.

I find so much strength from God's word sung to me, I wonder how much I absorbed from listening to this CD for 3 months. I pulled Country Gold off the shelf and listened to it as I wrote this post- I knew every word, after all these years. Key phrases from each track:

1. You be the mule, I'll be the plow, come harvest time, we'll work it out, there's still a lot of love here in these troubled fields.

3. I knew love when it was more than just a word...

4. Every day your broken heart is gonna turn a light shade of blue, Anyone can be somebody's fool- oh look at me, I once was a fool for you. Hey, when this winter's over you're gonna walk knee-deep in clover!

6. I thought that me and you, but, never mind. I always thought that we, but, never mind.

7. If I miss you at all, it's just now and then, Just once... in a very blue moon, and I feel one comin' on soon. There's a blue moon shining. When I am reminded of all we've been through... Such a blue moon... shining. Does it ever shine down on you? You act as if it never hurt you at all, like I'm the only one who's gettin' up from a fall. Don't you remember? Can't you recall?

8. Oh, I wish it would rain and wash my face clean, I want to find some dark cloud to hide in here. Oh, love and a memory sparkle like diamonds. When the diamonds fall they burn like tears.

9. When you can't find a friend you've still got the radio.

10. Someone should have told her /when beauty's all you offer, how soon the world disovers that your beauty's gone, its gone.

I had to stop listening to as soon as I first heard another song called A Hard Man to Love over 4 years ago. The song made me very vain that I was so wonderful to stay with James during crummy times in our marriage, when really it's not about my patience or ability to love him at all, it's about Christ's ability to sustain me through times like that.

When we read or listen we need to be aware of what ideas we are filling our minds with. Are they God glorifying? Are they the whispers of our enemy? And we need to be very aware at what our children are reading, watching and listening to also.

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Teresa (Tracy) Dear

04 January 2010

Comparison Two

Here is part two of four stories- now/then comparisons.

When we were first married, we were in the Air Force. We were both Russian Linguists in training in beautiful Monterey, California. Before we went off to our home beside the sea, as we thought, I bought some sleeveless shirts with my mother- because it would be hot in California. Well, Monterey is like the Bermuda Triangle of California, it's 60 degrees year-round. James loved it, and I was always hiding a sweater under my BDU's (uniform).

This story came to mind recently when I was trying to get James up and out of bed. I remember one holiday when we had to catch a flight from California to Austin. I think our flight left at 7 or so, and in the days before 9/11, we didn't have to pad our time a lot. Anyway, James was up, and dressed, and loading the car, and hurrying me along as I grumbled and complained- well before 5 a.m. I remember thinking, as we had only been married a few months, if I had ended up marrying one of those unnecessarily prepared men who hurried me to every appointment an hour early- just in case. Now I find myself drinking my coffee alone and going in to wake him every half-hour or so.

This early time in our marriage was melding us into 'one flesh' which was so crucial when times got tough years later. For over 2 years while we were in the AF we were practically twins. We used to get up for class together at the last possible second. James would jump in the shower and I would slam turkey sandwiches together- we'd grab our books and race to language school in our $250, falling-apart Toyota Corolla, wolfing down those sandwiches as the cold, royal blue water crashed on the rocky shore outside our window. We'd be in different classes, but at each break we'd meet in the hall and after class we would rush home to get to PT (exercise) in time. When we got home again, finally off duty, we would nap together so our poor brains could get a break before we would have to tackle our homework, dinner, and housework.

I need to remember that this time together, when we aligned perfectly in our goals and schedules was reinforcing why we got married, what we saw in each other, how we envisioned our future... It let us know later that we had veered from our path. If we hadn't been so aligned we might have been more easily broken later. Am I making any sense?

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

1 There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under heaven:
2 a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,
3 a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,
4 a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,
5 a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain,
6 a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,
7 a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,
8 a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.

Click if you would like to read Comparison One.

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01 January 2010


Here is a good quote that speaks even to things like a marriage: serving, giving yourself, sometimes for longer and harder than you initially planned on.

"We are called to love more than we planned, "or perhaps even wished." This is Greek to the pro-abortionist. Control, planning, the absence of surprise (and mystery) is their alpha and omega. Faced with an "unplanned pregnancy," the instantaneous response is, "But what about me? What a drag on my personal growth it'll be." Talk about dense! True "growth"--that is, moral maturity-- is characterized by relinquishing self-centeredness, to put selflessness in its stead. In other words, to give yourself away to others…for better or for worse." (Dave Andrusko for NRL)

And if you would like to read some stellar, out-of-this-world, God-glorifying, praise him through the storm writing that I aspire to, check out this blog by Angie Smith, wife of a singer from the band Selah.

I hope that by writing more, that my "voice" will improve and I can weave what God has taught, and continues to teach me, through my story. I so want to give him the glory.

Here's to the new year- my prayer this year is that I will become more attuned to God's hand and more clearly see his fingerprints on my life.

I'm honored that you would read New Mercy and
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Teresa (Tracy) Dear