01 January 2010


Here is a good quote that speaks even to things like a marriage: serving, giving yourself, sometimes for longer and harder than you initially planned on.

"We are called to love more than we planned, "or perhaps even wished." This is Greek to the pro-abortionist. Control, planning, the absence of surprise (and mystery) is their alpha and omega. Faced with an "unplanned pregnancy," the instantaneous response is, "But what about me? What a drag on my personal growth it'll be." Talk about dense! True "growth"--that is, moral maturity-- is characterized by relinquishing self-centeredness, to put selflessness in its stead. In other words, to give yourself away to others…for better or for worse." (Dave Andrusko for NRL)

And if you would like to read some stellar, out-of-this-world, God-glorifying, praise him through the storm writing that I aspire to, check out this blog by Angie Smith, wife of a singer from the band Selah.

I hope that by writing more, that my "voice" will improve and I can weave what God has taught, and continues to teach me, through my story. I so want to give him the glory.

Here's to the new year- my prayer this year is that I will become more attuned to God's hand and more clearly see his fingerprints on my life.

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Teresa (Tracy) Dear