06 November 2009

My Mind

Ooh just a jumble of thoughts today.

-Didn't have my coffee until 10:30 today and only a twinge of a headache. Ever since a good friend of mine told me she had given up coffee for a season (her husband identified it as an idol for her), I have been watchful of how much I enjoy it. But I think it is a blessing and it's mornings like today, when I don't have any and hardly notice, that I am reminded of it.

-I was reading today about some czar in D.C. who thought that trees should be legally allowed to sue people or organizations (I assume some kindly person would do the paperwork on its behalf). What?! I don't let the kids carve in tree trunks, because it can kill the tree. I don't let them rip wings off bugs or whatever... I don't buy dogfood at PetCo because they get puppies from puppy mills. I got 2 of my dogs from a rescue center, one off of Craigslist. I am pretty much a financial vegetarian, and I think that animals for food should be raised in a humane way. I'm horrified by what the chickens and cows are eating (mainly because then I'm supposed to eat it). So although I'm not an animal rights activist I definitely think that animals deserve our respect and we should care for them as God instructed Adam.
But for pete's sake, some people go too far! With the amount of kids and adults going to sleep hungry every night in the world, and the orphans near and foreign, how can anyone even be so concerned? Is it just America? I know in the catalogs you can buy a litter of guinea pigs or rabbits that people in Asia raise for food, so it's not totally the same other places. Anyway.

-I'm thinking about getting another tattoo in December with a woman from church. I can't decide on which one. So I made a poll to get your opinions. (If you were in any of my Yahoo! groups you would cringe right there.) So vote in my poll in the top right sidebar. Did you see my first tattoo? Guess and see if you can figure out what it is, then click here. Were you right?!

-On the 10th of November I'm reviewing a book called Jantsen's Gift: A True Story of Grief, Rescue, and Grace. I quoted it briefly here. *I'm also giving away a copy of the hardcover book.* So think about it, and get excited about reading more. You know I love comments. Gotta get 'em somehow

-I called Gospel for Asia, which I wrote about here. I have been giving them $10 and $20 here and there through online billpay. They kept sending me receipts and I called to tell them to quit it. I'm not giving that much, and I don't want all of my donation paying for them to mail me a receipt! They are an AWESOME organization and they want to give you a free book. Get it!

-On a related note, I was totally bummed when Stop Child Trafficking NOW paid $2 to mail me the wrong size t-shirt. I qualified for a free t-shirt at the recent fundraising walk we participated in. They only had big shirts there, so I chose to have them mail me the right size because I really wanted to wear it out and about. They mailed me one so big I can't even sleep in it. Darn! And I didn't want them pay another $2 to mail me the right size, so now I have none.


Christine said...

This tattoo should be something to reflect not the circumstances (not brokenheartedness or affliction) but the joy that is yours, that is coming, that He promises. Maybe something in Colossians 1? Something encouraging and uplifing and reminding you of the reward! Love you, girl. You are without a doubt one of the most Godly women I know, and I feel blessed to see your faith in action everytime we meet.

mama4x said...

Well, I love YOU, man! Thanks for stopping by!