18 November 2009

Goofy Joy

SO, on the 6th my husband was laid off.

He had to return his work cell phone and his laptop and his truck, and we're sharing my cell and the van.

We have had a blast.

A few days later, we were laying in bed (fully clothed. daytime.) and laughing our butts off. I had my face in his neck and I was like "why haven't we laughed like this in so long?" Hahhh... the sigh you do after laughing so hard. "dunno."

Don't tell him this, but the first Sunday (OH. PRAISE. GOD!) he came to church with us. Got up and going and out the door to the first service with us. I had my dad's car for some reason, and he drove the van and I followed in my dad's car. He passed right by the church driveway! I had a split second to run in before him and tell the family pastor that he was there! Coming! (Everyone on the prayer team has been praying FOR him but probably couldn't pick him out of a crowd.)

I bolted up the stairs and stood by my kind co-teacher (actually he leads and I throw in some analogies) as he listened to one of our fourth and fifth graders read. Twitching. (me, not the other teacher!)

Only the Sunday before he had asked me, "So, does your husband serve somewhere this hour?" and I answered, for maybe the second time in my life, with nary a tear nor grimace, "No, he doesn't come at all right now." Then, the very next week, I'm standing there and the kid stops reading and he looks up at me- there was an empty chair for me right there, and I was standing- and I'm all "MY HUSBAND IS HERE CAN I GO SIT WITH HIM?!" And he was excited and I just ran out.

The pastor smiled at me as James and I walked into the service. I'm sure I had a mrph face on, you know, the one you give when you are purely willing the person to read your mind. He did a little double take and barely missed a beat and came and said Hi real quick to James. Then later one of the elders said "I was wondering if that was your husband" and I was just praising God that he was there. I just mentioned that he lost his job that Friday and their faces fell, and I was like, gleeful, and said "whatever it takes!" I'm sure I was goofy.

I know they are praying for so many. I know they love to hear of praises and good news. I know it is discouraging to pray for a long time and it seems like nothing is happening. So I was thrilled to encourage them by letting them know HE HAD COME! That Sunday. That was a good day.