04 November 2009

Girl Talk by Gigi Garner

Girl Talk: Celebrities and Other Extraordinary Women Share Their Secrets is a compilation of advice from women of all walks of life. It was collected and contributed to by Gigi Garner, (daughter of James Garner) who evidently had many contacts and was friendly with all kinds of women.

Initially upon looking at the semi- sensual woman on the book's cover, and reading the title (including the words extraordinary! and secrets!) I expected something dazzling or on the verge of scandalous, if not just juicy celebrity advice. Then on the back I was very confused by a long passage of what seemed like an ad for an African multi-purpose fabric called a kanga (?). What I found inside was just the completely normal, coffee-klatch, Woman's Day magazine kind of girl talk, and I practically expected one of the ladies to recommend a certain brand of diapers or soap!

The entire book, after a short introduction, is women giving advice. Some quotes stand alone, while others are short anecdotes from someone's life ending in a word of advice, almost like a moral. These women are eager to share what they've learned, and reflect not just celebrities but also the women who support them- the dog trainer, the hair stylist, the friend. Maybe my age is showing, but very few of the names were familiar to me. The book is broken down into sections in which the advice follows a predictable theme such as beauty, children, etc.

Some of the advice is from another era- "use a knee sock as a hair band" (?) and some was timeless- let the kids play in the cardboard box your appliance came in. Peppered with black and white publicity photos of the women who impart their life experience, this is a book ideal for the car or the bathroom, where you can pick it up when you have a minute, and put it back down to come back to later.

I did this product review for Mama Buzz (see my button to their site in the left sidebar). I received this book for free from Five Star Publications. I hope you found this review informative!