30 November 2009

Exciting Possibilities

What a future God must have planned for us! Rejoice with me here today!
James has his first (and wouldn't it be wonderful if he got the job, and it was his last!) interview on Tuesday. It's a company run on Christian principles and we are both excited that he might work there.
The other thing is, that as happens with some regularity at our house, I was talking about foster care. I don't even remember what I was saying, but he expressed a small amount of interest, and I told him that the training was mostly an information gathering, learning experience... that many families went through the training and didn't become active foster parents, but instead served as respite care for other families or just prayed more. He seemed open, so I threw out there that they probably had some training starting up in the new year.
Then, as I thought about what to write today, I went over to the site I frequent, here, and looked for "my" kids. They were still there- the two sibling groups that I fell in love with. And there was 33 pages of teenagers. When I saw that, my eyes just welled up with pain. They were gorgeous! Even the surly ones. Wouldn't it be wonderful if God kept working so clearly in James' life, and one day we were able to offer a home to kids that had none?
My husband is doing so well! He's come to church with us 4 times- and one of those times was an appreciation dinner with silly entertainment that he wouldn't usually like. Lily's Sunday school teachers (a married couple with 4 kids, who homeschools)came and sat with us, and it turned out that they went to grade school together! He's been great with the kids and cooking alot more (yay!) and last night he and a friend and I cleaned and organized and purged the garage.
I spoke with him also about this blog (on our date night!! My MIL came to visit for Thanksgiving and we went on a real restaurant DATE!). He asked his first questions about the blog here (and I started it in MARCH!) and shared his thoughts about what people might think about him because of what I write.... I would love to hear your thoughts on this- be kind and encouraging but honest, please, and tell me how long you've read--
First, I told him no one reads it, anyway, ok maybe 4 people. Then, I told him the one person that reads it for sure, my aunt, is like a Christian cop of respectfulness and good wife behavior, and she said I'm not disrespectful to him. Then I said that I don't talk about our fights or his lack or whatever. I told him I try not to talk even about me- I know I do, but I want it to be about God's hand, God's mercy, God's plan- about GOD. I told him how a few non believers who read it thought it was depressing, and how the believers I asked disagreed, and how discouraging that was. I want to be a witness, but like I said last time, what is foolishness to the world makes perfect sense to God. Thanks for any comments!! I love 'em!


Regina said...

What exactly qualifies a person as a "non-believer?"

mama4x said...

In relation to this post, I think it is a person who doesn't have an eternal outlook- they think that 70 or 80 years on earth is all they get, and they have to avoid pain and seek comfort because of it.