14 October 2009

Choose Life

This is a child who was adopted, and not aborted.

Well, yesterday I was mentioned in the NY Times. Maybe I have it on the brain... today I got a email from the NRL with a link to a compelling story. Here's the article- don't click on the pictures if your kids are in the room- the comments were riveting. I didn't read all 225 comments, but numbers 62, 71, 98 and especially 119 were excellent.

Let our hearts break for whatever breaks God's heart! How are you serving the needs of women in tough circumstances? How are you pointing them to the cross- Jesus' sacrifice on their behalf- so they can comprehend a sacrifice of their own? Crisis pregnancy centers need volunteers. Are your kids in school? Can you volunteer a half-day a week? Where are your maternity clothes? In the closet? Could you pick up a pack of nice wipes or diaper ointment when you get a new bottle of shampoo? For pete's sake, you can mail a check- you could email your congressman- you could go to a pro-life function. We need to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this broken world!