30 October 2009

My Playlist

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I wanted to post something... I'm actually not going out of town, and (!) James left me his laptop to use and we are making a plan to figure something out with the desktop this week.

I made a playlist of the songs which pierce my heart... here it is... If you buy one from iTunes, go thru my site and I get a nickle or something (you can do that for any music you buy if you're an iPOD person).

I follow a few blogs of women who have had the course of their lives changed by losing a child. I found this playlist widget through one of them. The song by Watermark is so powerful for families who have lost a child. The blogs are:

The Pipers

Tonya Talk

Raising Arrows


Regina said...

I love your playlist! Casting Crowns in particular is such an amazing group.