06 October 2009


Hello, dear reader. I mean readerS!
I want to continue to have valuable content in this blog. I hope that it is encouraging to you and you are able to forward it on to other women in your life. I have been posting M-F for almost 7 months now. This blog is very dear to my heart and I have no intention of stopping. However, blogging with no comments is like talking on the phone but the line went dead a few minutes ago. I decided to change my blogging frequency to M-W-F from now on. Of course, it may be more frequent, such as when I have a quote or a news item. Keep coming back! Thanks!


wayne's blog said...

Trying again to see if your site will take another comment from me. Love ya, Margie

mama4x said...

What'r ya doin' reading blog the week before you have a wedding? Wish I could come!

wayne's blog said...

I'm glad to see this comment posted. For some reason I had several that did not. Love you so and miss you. Wish you could be at the wedding too. ~M