04 September 2009

A Way toTake Action!

Finally, something to DO to help end human trafficking, which affects children so heinously! A friend sent me information on how to help an organization called STOP CHILD TRAFFICKING NOW! We have to get sponsors and walk on September 26 and 27th to not only raise awareness but also money which goes to support special teams that investigate, gather evidence, and bring predators and traffickers to prison.

An interesting difference found in this organization is their emphasis on the demand side of the atrocity. Most of the sites I've perused about human trafficking are about informing people of it, and rescuing people from it. SCTN has found "research indicates funding efforts to support the deterrence and eliminate the demand fueling this heinous crime is most effective."

"Funds generated from the SCTNow Campaign underwrite Special Operative Teams, sponsor awareness events around the U.S., and benefit partner organizations that are working diligently in this noble cause of stopping child sexual slavery."

Find out where you can walk by checking here. Go to the Funds FAQ here.