16 September 2009

Lord's Prayer

"Denyce Graves found herself heartbroken and sick and went to a doctor who said he had news -- at 39, she was with child. Impossible, she replied: Throughout her previous 17-year marriage she tried repeatedly to get pregnant, but was told it could never happen because of fibroids and various other conditions. But she was pregnant. The doctors urged her to abort, she says, because she wouldn't be able to carry to term. Then, Graves says, she was told the child had Down syndrome. But in 2004 she delivered a healthy baby girl -- "and she's perfect." Read how she met her present husband in the article in the Washington Post. "This relationship is different from previous ones, they say, because of its intensity and the intention with which they've approached it. "It's the first truly conscious relationship I've ever had," Montgomery says. "We see a counselor every other week. We read books. We talk all the time about how to communicate better and to improve our relationship." This one thing, his diva wife says, is simple: "I want to be good at loving him. I want it to be the best thing that I do."

In this video, she is doing what she does best- opera. At an anniversary of September 11, 2007, she sang the Lord's Prayer at the Washington Cathedral. It's beautiful... but I posted it because I wanted to let you see a piece of my history. When I was little I lived in Maryland. I attended private school (Episcopalian). Each year we would put on our Friday best uniform and get a chartered bus and the entire school would go down to D.C. to this cathedral (where she sings in the video) and attend a service with all the other private schools. We were lined up grade by grade and enjoyed our long walk down the center aisle behind our school banner. We would stare at the architecture and at the stained glass and loved having almost the whole day off of school.