30 September 2009

Chris Klicka's Health Deteriorating

Kris Klicka has served the homeschool community for 29 years. He also has MS.

Caring Bridge is evidently a sort of blog thing where ill people and their families can update everyone who wants to know, all at once.

Click on that link and it will take you to Chris's site. It is just a beautiful testimony to the value of life and how eagerly Christians can look forward to meeting Christ face-to-face.

"What helps them then to navigate the many complex and difficult decisions they are making in these days is the hope that Chris has in his Savior and the clear conviction he has over and over expressed, that for Chris “to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (Philip 1:21)."

How painfully and jealously his wife must watch her husband through this last phase of their time together on earth! That he would be strong and whole and comfortable on the other side, rejoicing at the throne!

In all of this, we have grieved and have been buffeted by the hope of Christ and of his saving grace and resurrecting power. We are grieving with hope even now."