27 August 2009

High Cost

"If you want to be completely healed from all the bitterness and pain... and if want your marriage to survive, you will have to forgive him. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you try to short circuit the natural process of grieving, or deny that you’ve been hurt. It doesn’t mean that you stuff the problem. To come to the place of forgiveness you must first admit you’ve been hurt – deeply. Forgiveness will cost you everything, and cost your husband nothing. It means you will never hold what he did against him again; his debt, which he can never repay, will be completely erased. Forgiving your husband for his sin against you may be the most Christ-like thing you ever do, and it will identify you with Christ like nothing else can."

Dear God! Is all I can think of to say in response.

From a website well worth investigating- www.blazinggrace.org