24 August 2009

Great News!

I read a news article dated July 27th, 2009, entitled "Mumbai: Five Trafficking Victims Rescued in July Operation." This was notable because "This rescue operation marks the first time in nearly five years that IJM and Navi Mumbai police have collaborated to rescue minor girls from commercial sexual exploitation and arrest sex traffickers."

Then, I found an article from only Friday, August the 21st! that is also praiseworthy... "On the night she was supposed to be raped for the first time, young sex trafficking victim 'Lona' was plucked from the brink of initiation into a life of forced prostitution by police officials working with International Justice Mission in Mumbai." Imagine, while we waited for the workweek to end, 'Lona' was in terror, being sold, mistreated and transported with no idea of what awaited her, but probably awful fears. Do any of you have 13 year-old daughters?

What's up with the new willingness to cooperate over at the Navi Mumbai police station?! It's awesome! What must God be doing all over his world.

I found these exciting articles at Freedom Center, which just looks totally informative and interesting. A lot of ways to get involved. Try to cultivate God's heart!