03 August 2009

Best of

Best quote from the latest issue of World Magazine:

"Senator Jim Demint fears that the nation is sliding toward socialism, which he calls the enemy of freedom. "In order for socialists to expand the power of government they have to decrease the power of religion, which empowers individuals. Dependency on government reduces dependency on God." article

I love parables and descriptive comparisons: check out two great ones in this short article: "Behold Paul."

World magazine's blog spotlight on D.G. Myers: "All the literary world loves a lover, especially if passion overwhelms his commitments and will... The literary ideology of the Western world is that the adulterer is subjected to erotic passion, as if he were the unwilling victim of a power outside his control. The Jews have a word for this: The word is idolatry."

In case you're interested, I try to affect my world view by reading things written intelligently from a Christian worldview. After years away, I have a subscription to World, Christianity Today, and Christian Counseling Today.