27 July 2009

World Vision 15 X Gift!

Amina, a Sudanese child, doesn't know where her father is, or even if he's still alive.

Millions of children in her conflict-torn country of Sudan share Amina's story of desperation and bewilderment. Like her, they are often without one or both parents and are hungry, thirsty and sick. They need our help — today.

Amina's father has been missing since the conflict drove the family from their home. With her mother's health deteriorating, 15-year-old Amina has been thrust into the role of parent and breadwinner for her seven siblings. "They are always asking me for food," Amina says.

But even when Amina's lucky enough to find work, she earns just $1 a day. Sometimes the family must go for days with little to nothing to eat.

"The food [from World Vision] has kept us alive," says Amina. "[But] the food is never enough."

Right now, using government grants and donated goods World Vision receives we can multiply your gift of $30, $50, $75 or more 15 X its face value for incredible impact on a child and his or her family. Hunger and need

Please take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to make the difference between life and death for a child.

mama4x says: Even a $5 gift becomes $75!