20 July 2009


"30 CE: A young man whose name in Greek is Jesus has created a following of his own, while recognizing there is none greater than his former leader, John the Baptist. This year, give or take a year or two, he goes to Jerusalem for Passover and there creates a disturbance. He is executed - by stoning if convicted of blasphemy and by crucifixion for some other offense."

Are people so entrenched in their worldview that they can't research for themselves the claims of Christianity? I was looking at a timeline website to see if it was valuable and informative enough to bookmark for homeschool purposes. I checked the rollover from BC/AD and found the quote above.

I think I do a good job checking both sides of an argument; I think I try to learn and understand what the other side is thinking, how they come to their decision... A quote from someone like this is just baffling to me. (Although I'm sure there are people out there who say Christians are blind to the obvious truth.)

It frustrates me when my Dad won't read the latest research and findings about Intelligent Design; he isn't interested in reading anything that attempts to refute evolution and the gabillion year old earth theory. I am confident that many who actually research what they think is outrageous will find themselves surprised with what they find. Needless to say, I didn't bookmark the timeline site.

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