05 July 2009

Today's Country Music

Man, oh, man, now I remember why I don' t listen to 'regular' radio anymore. I came home and sent my $40 to K-LOVE right away! In case you don't know, it's a Christian radio station, no commercials, (listener supported, hence my $40) in cities nation-wide.

We were driving back from Brownwood, Texas (yee-haw! I was a little surprised that they are on-line!) to see my brother-in-law and his wife, who are the cooks for Lake Brownwood Christian Retreat. My MIL took the three older kids (bless her!) home with her (yes!) and just Nathan and I (eee!) drove home together.

He was sleeping, so I scanned the radio dial for K-LOVE but didn't find it. So I found a country music station... first a song about a girl who was hit by a car on prom night and learned to walk again-- down the aisle at her wedding. Then a disgusting one about band members playing a certain song well for the express purpose of lusting after a girl (it was her favorite song) who danced in super tight jeans. Then a terrible one about a guy who was dumped on a sunny day at a red light. Then, an upbeat one about a girl who runs off against her mom's advice, lives with a guy and then runs off from him, leaving him alone on the front porch. On and On. It was awful.

But it reminded me how broken and sad our world is. These lyrics on the country station are reinforcing to the listeners that life sucks and there is no hope. Even the prom night car wreck song, which had a happy ending, was depressing and regretful (if only he hadn't let her out of the car!). The lustful one-- totally upbeat and easy to sing, and you hardly notice that you're singing the phrase "slap your grandma" and "you can look but don't touch."

One song in particular I have lyric-searched and searched, and have come up with nothing. If you know this song I would love an artist name or album or song title. It was so heartbreaking that I was going to type it all out for you. It was supposed to be about a woman who finds solace at her husband's side... but it was really a tragic song about a woman who bought the feminist platform and felt cheated when it wasn't as advertised. The part I remember starts by describing a woman unloading groceries. A bag rips open and spills everywhere, and her husband helps her pick cans out of the gutter. She collapses on the porch swing beside him and says

"I've gophered and chauffered,
been the chairman and copier repairman
made coffee and
danced backward in high heels all day
but here on this porch I'm
glad to be your woman with you."

Does that speak to the heart of a woman or what?
"You can have it all"
"You can do whatever he does"
"Your kids will be fine"
"You will be happy when you achieve X"
You buy into and spend your whole life on a twisted lie. (Genesis 3:13 says "Then the LORD God said to the woman, "What is this you have done?" The woman said, "The serpent deceived me, and I ate.")

I don't know if I seem like a culture Nazi or what, but I just can't listen to it anymore. It started when Lily (now 3 1/2) was sick in the hospital as a newborn. I was racing from the hospital to see the older kids for a minute and a song came on with the lyrics "I'm dying inside, and nobody knows it but me" and I was just mush. I had heard of Christian radio before, but that night, after that song, I've never really 'gone back' to regular music, except for little forays like today.

You know, the music is true on both sides of the street. One is what we live and feel, and the other is our hope and assurance. John Piper says "Stop listening to yourself and start talking to yourself!"


Beth said...

The song you're looking for is Kenny Chesney's "The Woman With You." Great post, by the way!