13 July 2009

Pioneer Stock?

Oh, to be free on the range after a long day homesteading- skirts shushing through the tall grass, as I walk from the well to the barn, the dog bounding after every rabbit trail. The sun is setting and it is getting cooler...

I read a lot. I really like historical fiction. I like especially to read women's diaries from long ago. I thought I would be the successful pioneer woman, not the "easterner" who wanted a fancy parlor room and couldn't hack it when winter was hard.

My church is having "Kids Clubs" this week- sort of like VBS. They're held at local parks, and different parks have different times. I volunteered to teach the parents who stayed. They had an early time- "Nah, I don't want to get the kids all up and out that early" I thought. They had an evening time- "Nah, I don't want to take them at the end of the day when they could be all tired" I thought to myself. So I did the middle-of-the-day camp. Yeah, and I just realized today that it's been over 100 degrees 40/50 days here in central Texas. So I was weeding the garden at our house from 10-11 and then at camp from 11:30 to 2:15. Hottest part of the day. I came home and just wilted. I cannot imagine wearing wool dresses, petticoats, long sleeves, undershirts, leather boots, having no AC or fans, and having to beat my clothes clean, churn butter, etc. Fabric diapers with no rubber pants! Yikes. Maybe I wouldv'e stayed on the Eastern seaboard, with it's cool ocean breezes and an ice delivery boy.

Well, the Lord was kind to me. I went to camp this morning fully expecting a table of Spanish-speaking women staring at me. There was one nice girl, 22 years old, expecting her firt baby in September, the week after her husband was due to deploy with the Army National Guard to Iraq. So. I was able to talk to her about being a military wife, pregnancy, and living with your parents and trying to balance having your own family but still respecting their authority (because you live there). We went through the lesson (the same lesson the kids covered, but on an adult level) and talked about salvation. She called me "ma'am." So God was merciful to me.

One thing I learned: just because someone attends a mega-church that teaches Biblical truths does not mean they actually know Christ or anything about him. We were eating our lunch and another volunteer asked the girl if she attended a local church, and she named a big non-denominational church nearby, but said she didn't like it because they asked for money all the time- for missions, for the building fund, for the electricity. Part of me sort of had a sigh of relief- I thought, if I screw up this Bible study, at least she attends there and someone else will 'catch her.' Then, we started going over the lesson. She didn't know the word parable. She didn't know the Jews followed the law, that that was how they got to heaven. She had never heard John 3:16, I asked her if it was familiar and she said no.

So if you talk to someone and they say they go to a church that you have heard teaches the word, don't think you don't need to tell them the gospel. I think we just want to leave the work to someone, anyone else. We don't want to risk rejection or embarrasment, or scorn, or anything uncomfortable. But how much do you have to hate someone to NOT tell them about eternal life?!


Anonymous said...

I was that young girl and attended church for a long time before I heard God's call on my life and responded. Oh so thankful for the grace of God.

mama4x said...

We can't assume that because they are at church that they are believers. I'm glad you answered His call- He is pretty persistent!