17 July 2009

Modern Slavery?

Yes, unfortunately, modern slavery is very real in today's world. "While there are varying estimates as to the number of persons affected by trafficking (estimates range from 12 million to more than 30 million), what is known is that there are now more slaves in the world today than during all three centuries of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade combined. Human trafficking, especially trafficking of children under 18, constitutes a modern slave trade, as in the case of Khamta. It takes on many guises and occurs within countries and across borders. Some examples include:

  • Children abducted to fight as child soldiers;
  • One person sold to another to serve as a slave or bonded laborer;
  • Impoverished girls from rural areas sold or stolen away from their families to serve as sex slaves in brothels." ( from World Vision)
On a different topic:
Would you be interested in a free book that is about missions to India, by Indians themselves? It looks striking, and when you hit enter, there is a conscience-stirring, goosebumps rising, soul-touching portion of a sermon by one of the men involved. Click HERE.