12 July 2009

Me Time as Mama?

I follow a really nice blog called Raising Arrows. A recent post is just beautiful, yet it strikes a chord of familiarity within me. I see improvements in my own fight for "me-time" but I have so far to go. I think of all the times that Jesus was tired on earth and yet he still served 12 bumbling, erring disciples. Every time he tried to escape the crowds or go to a quiet place alone, and was followed by hordes of people needing him right now!

How can I get better at something and still be so lacking? Sometimes, I still slack on the weekends when I think James is around and he should "pitch in." We all suffer in a house that isn't kept up, and then the workweek is behind, and I set a poor example for the kids. "Raising Arrows" is exactly right when she says its just my own selfishness, nothing more.

We have to be very careful about what we find ourselves acting on (me time) even if we intellectually don't buy it (I can only enjoy myself or be myself when I'm alone and free to do whatever I want). If we act on faulty ideas like this, we are going to pass them on to the next generation.