23 July 2009


I met two homeschoolers who attend my "new" church. (How did it take so long? Oh, that's right, I got involved.) I asked them for contact info and they said they do all their plan-making through Facebook. There. I didn't make a link to it cause you're probably on.

So I said I would not join. I don't want to even be tempted to spend any more time on the computer. But it percolated in my head that I would miss out on social activities for Jackson, so I did it. I made a profile page. *SIGH* I asked a bunch of people I knew to be my friend again. Who knew this was going to be so stressful? And they are all liberal wackos now. No, no, I'm joking. They were like that then. (So I don't think I'll get any new readers from this.)

Can I really be anti-Facebook and still use it? I think it is a lame way to "communicate" because you aren't actually interacting with anyone. There's no facial/emotional/inflection anything... My friend said it best... she said she internet-spies on people. She looks at their new pictures and their updates and leaves again, just getting the news and not interacting. Its a license to be voyeuristic. No wonder so many people have no social skills.

I have to let you watch this excellent hilarious video by two guys named Rhett and Link. They are awesome; I found them through a short homeschool song they did. Watch the one about Facebook... scroll down, it's next. Later, if you have time watch their other coolest video: "Profanity and Unicorns" (no profanity). I didn't want my other blog to miss out on Rhett and Link!