24 July 2009


Well, it took a while, but I finally started my counselor coursework. I've only watched the DVDs and not done the paperwork yet, but it's a start. The first lesson was by Beth Moore, a favorite of mine... never disappoints. She is so eager for us to love the Lord and avoid any hard lessons. She inspires me, but probably it's the Holy Spirit shining through her, tantalizing us. The second lesson was about health and taking care of yourself. Inspired me to take extra effort planning the kids' dinner. I need to join a class or something at the Y that will get the blood going! Drink more water, especially with all these 100 degree days.

My mom always taught me to write down goals. I think it makes a big difference in how we tackle things. If plans are just in our heads, it's a lot easier to let them slip away. If we write it down, we can immediately start to edit and fine-tune it, and begin realizing it as an actual attainable thing. If we tell someone our plans and dreams, it's even harder to just let them go. When I get things really plotted out in my mind, and start writing things down, you can bet I'm going to start talking about them next. You know I'm getting serious when I start talking about my plans, but I still need the accountability to help with the follow-through.

Ask anyone who has been to my house- they'll tell you that when I moved in, I had a million projects going (I think I was "nesting" during the end of Nathan's pregnancy). I had one friend who would drop off her daughter infrequently. She was my "marker" to tell me I needed to get my butt under me and finish the wallpaper in the foyer. For some reason, she'd always ask about it, and finally I knew she was coming so I got it done!

Fall seems to be approaching fast this year- They already have school supply signs up at the stores. My kids are so rambunctious that I think we need to go back to school early to settle them down! If we want to accomplish the things we want to, we need to be living "on purpose" so that it won't just be talk or nice daydreams. We need to book time with our husbands, we need to get up a little earlier than our families to spend time with God, we need to set some time aside for ourselves (even if you have to lock the bathroom door!).

So, if I do the "homework" for Lesson 2, I'm going to have to go out and buy myself some nice shave gel for my legs and some scented hand lotion for the car. Or something... What's your favorite quick pampering treat?