05 June 2009

Reasons I am Thankful Today

We have so much to be thankful for, even if sometimes we don't look at the blessings. We are so focused on being happy and comfortable, to our detriment. I have had the most growth and most learned from the crummiest times. So I was thinking about what I am thankful for today:

-kids are all healthy
-husband home early all week
-yard looking great
-food to eat
-Eli's (dog) ear is healed
-all bills paid!
-Cactus Flower said she loved me
-my neighbor also homeschools
-car is running (and vacuumed!)
-all appliances working
-attend a great church
-dogs come back when they get loose
-husband has a job he loves (Praise God all who hear!)
-friends to call in time of need
-had a Starbucks Caramel Machiatto(!) Monday for the 1st time in a lo-oong time!