08 June 2009

Psalm 116:15

"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints"
Ps. 116:15

Why should we offer that to the Lord which cost us nothing?
-Matthew Henry Commentary

Hmmm. I am just stirring some sugar into a amber cup of hot, hot tea. I enjoyed tea long before I enjoyed coffee. Green tea with jasmine or mint, Constant Comment, black tea with lemon (like tonight), hibiscus tea, mint... all delicious. And Earl Grey! You should try Earl Grey with sugar, cream, and a slice of orange. Put that disc of orange on top and then pour the cream, and watch it fall off the side and sink to the bottom.

Anywho... the lamb of God, the perfect sacrifice, who we are to imitate. How did Jesus be a sacrifice? He gave up (sacrificed) his life so that we could come to the Father. A sacrifice has to be something of great value, or it is just given, donated, cast aside. We are to sacrifice because Jesus was our example.

So this scripture from Psalm 116. What is more precious to you, as a mother, than watching one of your children sacrifice for another? Even if it is a crayon or the last french fry, you are proud of their sacrifice. The Lord finds it precious when we die to our selves. "The death of his saints" to me means when we override our desires and wants and sometimes, our needs to glorify God. It has to be for his Glory... or it is just cast aside. We can't be the suffering martyr of the family. We have to acquiesce gracefully that which we may prefer so that we can serve the demands of advancing God's kingdom.

Sometimes it is a real and difficult sacrifice for me to just keep my mouth shut. It is frequently a sacrifice of pride for me to calm down and take a new tack when disciplining my kids. It is a painful sacrifice to give up how I prefer to respond when attacked. Then world tells me I am a doormat or a codependent. But Jesus said, turn the other cheek. He said, in this world you will have trouble. He said that he won me over with cords of loving kindness, not cords of imprisonment. He has overcome the world. Through his spirit, we can die to our self and better bring Him glory.