05 June 2009

Pray Without Ceasing, 4

God, I know the blessings you are storing up for my husband- peace, joy, life- and that his obedience to your Word is the key to receiving them. Lord, plant in him an unquenchable desire to live in obedience to your ways. Reveal and uproot and burn up anything he willingly gives place to that is not pleasing to you. Help him, strengthen him, enable him to bring every thought and action under Your control. Teach him, Father, to embrace the stretching pain of your discipline and discipleship. Reward him, Father, reward him and encourage him when he moves toward you in obedience or listens to your voice. Lead him kindly, Lord, in your truth, show him your ways and teach him your straight and joyful paths. Make him a praising person who longs to do your will and create in him a heart that listens for your instructions and eagerly obeys you. Let him long to obey you and acknowledge you as his rightful master and creator.