03 June 2009

Pray Without Ceasing, 3

Lord, let your goodness and mercy draw my husband to you. Cause remorse for any of his sinful choices to overwhelm him so that he will come humbly to you and repent of his ways. Let your kindness and mercy incessantly call him to you- remind him that you don't want him to perish or even suffer, but only to come to repentance and follow his savior Jesus. Lord, remind him that he cannot hide from you nor cover his actions from your sight. Lord forgive him of his pride and his sins, teach him to depend on you and confess quickly, turning to you for help and let him to always try to do what is pleasing to you. Open his eyes Lord to see your truth and your path. Uncover and unplug his ears so he can hear the calling of the Holy Spirit and the Christians who try to reach him in love. Father, take away all of his pride that would cause him to deny or ignore his faults and please create in him a soul of humility so he can receive the blessings and honor you hold in store for him. Lord know his heart and his secret anxieties, lead him to follow you ways which lead to righteousness. Thank you Father. I know you hear me and you want him to walk beside you.