03 June 2009

Pray without Ceasing, 2

It is a gift from you, God, that a man enjoys his work and the fruit of his labor. Teach my husband that the road of the lazy leads to destruction. Bless him with fulfillment and energy to take care of his family. Shine on him with your truths about his work. Take away any selfishness, lack of confidence, fear, or depression that can cause immobility. Give him strength and health and confidence in the knowledge and abilities that you have blessed him with. Bless his hands to bring success and work that is in your will for him. Open doors of opportunity that no man can close. Place work in his path so he can provide for his family and develop his skills and build a godly reputation. Father, provide established, secure, steady, satisfying, and financially rewarding work for all his days. Bless him so he can return his income to advance your kingdom. Train him to be a good steward of what you bless him with-- not just his money but how to best use each day, each word, each action and thought to glorify you and further your kingdom. Take away anxiety about finances and lead him to seek your kingdom first so that as he does that, we will have all we need.