05 June 2009

My Etsy Update

Today I am excited to announce I bought a promo spot on Etsy's 'paper goods' front page! We'll see how it goes. I only have to sell 2 cards to break even. I am hopeful some new shoppers will come to my storefront. Even if they don't buy anything, maybe they'll make my shop a 'favorite' and come back again later. I was supposed to have a new banner and avatar installed for the occasion, but it came with a different font than advertised. And, I'm very sad to say, I'm being ignored by the girl I bought it from. I didn't want to put it up with the wrong font on it. I added gift tags to my shop recently too. And I posted a 'tour through my workspace' on there so people can see how I make cards. All exciting news. Have a great weekend!

6/8/09 UPDATE: I sold NINE cards! Yay- thank you!