07 June 2009

Let's Give More Thanks!

EEEE-AAAAAAAH!! That's how I'm feeling this weekend. So... why? Well, my hubby is doing well. Today, he made chicken salad and brought me a gorgeous sandwich-- not just a sandwich, but a "Chicken Salad Sandwich a la James." He is an excellent chef-- worked with food since I met him. Always been food or plants with this guy. I was happily reading my book, when I was presented with a plate- Imagine if you will, a piece of toast sliced in half. On each half was a tiny materpiece of culinary art. Topped with maybe a third of a cup of chicken salad (delicious in its own right) was 2 circles of red tomato, topped with 3 arches of avocado, drizzled with salad dressing and sprinkled with romano cheese shavings. Ah! Pure bliss, not because of the taste combinations, but because it was his gift to me. He stood at the counter assembling it for me while I obliviousl read my book. It was beautiful. (I'll tell you about the grilled cheese sandwich I cried over some other day.)

More excellent news:
1. My husband served my neighbors who are out of town. Yes! This happened today. They had recently installed new landscaping (taking most of his suggestions, he told me proudly) and it was really hot here today, the 90's James said, and he was concerned that the plants might get tired. Or whatever, die... wilt... He's so picky (unlike me with my pathological failure to notice wilting plants on the verge of death). So he watered all of their new landscaping in front and then went into their backyard oasis and watered their veggie crops too.

2. My husband had all of our irrigation updated, including fancy-pants swirling sprinkler-heads. We are renting this house from my parents and it would have been really expensive if they had to pay for it, but it is a perk from James' landscaping company.

3. My husband is approaching his year anniversary at his job, which he still loves, at which they still love him.

"So I saw that there is nothing better for a man than to enjoy his work"
Ecc. 3:22

"When God enables him to accept his lot and be happy in his work—
this is a gift of God." Ecc. 5:18

4. My husband assembled his monster of a drafting table in our office and put his drawing supplies in there. That means when he has design work to do, he can stay at home to work for part of the day. The office is in the back of the house and is buffered from the sounds of four kids being homeschooled. We have wireless internet for his work laptop.

5. My husband has mowed the lawn three times in three weeks. He's taking an active role in the yard since he's been coming home earlier lately (praises for that!)

6. He cleared the kitchen counters today. I almost fell over, it was so beautiful.

Ok, here's a reader challange: I will tell you the story about when I cried over the grilled cheese sandwich IF I get at least 5 comments on this post. GO! If you are having trouble posting a comment, email me at dearmama4x@gmail.com. Thanks!


Totally not because I want to hear the grilled cheese story. ( OK, well, a little........)

I love reading your blog and would do so even if you weren't "my cool Christian homeschooling neighbor with the tattoo and nose ring." Definitely not denim and khaki, and I mean that in the best way!

Your words capture the essence of Christian womanhood, and make me think.

Really think. I think about what's really important. Who is really important. How I should live. Would I be able to forgive and love unconditionally and sacrificially , as she has and does? How do I measure up? Do I have what it takes? Could I weather the storm? Would I lose my grip or would I delight in him and the gorgeous chicken salad sandwich he prepared for me ?

Your writing provokes thought and challenges me to seek Him in all things and in all circumstances. This post speaks volumes , to me at least, on many levels. Funny.......I needed to hear this today. I think I'll go spend some time with Him. And I will pray that I can be the woman who is thankful for and praises Him for chicken salad.