05 June 2009

Gosselins Marriage and Pride Issues

I was reading some interesting articles in Christianity Today about Jon and Kate Gosselin. (I know, sorry, but infrequently I get a desire to read up on whatever person is helping us have 'news' 24/7/365 in this country.)

First: "So what’s the answer to these very familiar marital disputes? The intervening grace of God’s Word and his redemptive work in our lives. Usually this is only found within the contexts of relationships with other believers who have access to our hearts to help us see where God’s truth intersects with our daily lives. Only Christ can change our hearts so radically that we are able to die to our wants, our needs, our desires, and live for something greater than ourselves."

Second: "It is time that we practice forgiveness and the healing of broken relationships and call fellow Christians to do the same. It is time that we take our own marriage vows seriously and hold our brothers and sisters to be true to their commitments as well. Most importantly, it is time that we develop a view of faith and life that is capable of asking deep questions and courageous enough to embody real answers."

I have a few thoughts. First, it saddens me to think of any marriage that could be saved that very well may be tossed aside because it's just too difficult to do anything else. I have said before how unusual it is for someone to encourage you to stay in a difficult marriage. I myself was only told to persevere by two ladies during my time of separation from my husband. It is very hard to continue on a path that is laced with thorns when you aren't accompanied by constant encouragement.

Second, I hesitate to say anything at all. God knows I haven't had 8 kids and been on tv for years. Who are we to comment on someone else's lives and the ways they cope? God alone will judge correctly. We don't know the conversations of their bed at night. We don't know anything that a finely edited tv crew hasn't let us seen.

Third, I think we are unwilling to do the radical thing when it's very neccesary. When you have cancer, you allow someone to cut your body open and take it out. When your child runs into the street, you scream and run even if your'e in a public setting. When your son dies at war, you fall to the ground. Sometimes you do things that aren't very 'socially accepted' or carefully considered. Sometimes life calls for radical action. I think the Gosselins are in a place where they need to take radical action. They need to drop the book tour, hire a counselor, and meet every other day. I guess they are in a contract with the tv station, but the only drama they should offer the veiwers is real relational repair, not trips to the store or vacations or parties.

But who am I to comment. Its crummy to do all that in front of the entire world. It was bad enough to do it in front of the 100 or so people I lived near. For Scriptures on judging others- sometimes forbidden, other times encouraged, see Scriptures like Matthew 7:1-5; Luke 6:36-45; Romans 14:9-13; 1 Corinthians 5:12-13; James 4:11 and 2:12-13.