11 June 2009

Being Self Righteous

"It’s not just cookie abstainers versus cookie eaters.
It’s tea drinkers who feel morally superior to coffee drinkers,
and coffee drinkers who believe drinking it black is
morally superior to adding cream and sugar."

from "We All is Self-Righteous" by Nancy Kennedy

Wow. I fit some of those categories... and as much as I don't like finding that I identify with any of those judgmental attitudes, I really don't like the idea of someone assigning one to me. You know how people say, "I can complain about my mother, but don't you complain about my mother!"

Here are a few comparisons from my circles. Any sound familiar?

-Starbucks vs home-brewed coffee
-Classical education vs unschooling
-breastfeeding vs bottle feeding
-homeschool vs public school
-stay-at-home vs working
-minivan vs SUV
-SUV vs hybrid
-conventional vs organic
-this is too easy, I could go on!

The difficulty with judgment is that it comes from us thinking we are in a position to judge. We can't compare ourselves to each other; we have to compare ourselves to Christ. We have to take our attitudes and actions and the thoughts of our heart, and see how they compare to his. If we could only have God's heart for the people we are judging, it would be so easy to love them instead of casting judgements on them.

Another thing I learned was that if we pray for something that is in God's will, we will receive it. We know that God hates pride; we know that God loves the humble; we know he is the only one who is perfect and even able to judge the hearts of men. So if we pray and request for our pride to be crushed, for humility to grow; if we pray to see men and judge men like He does... we know that these things are in his will for us. So we will receive them. And isn't that the best thing to do.