12 June 2009


"Truth is about what we believe is the right thing and love is about what we are doing about it. If you have love without truth, it's misguided love. If you have truth without love, what good is truth?

I say within World Vision, if we offer bread but don't offer the Bread of Life, if we offer water but don't offer Living Water, then we are no better than the ones that we might criticize who offer only words." by World Vision president Richard Stearns, who says "The sin of my parents' generation in the United States was racism. The greatest sin of our generation is apathy."

"There's that Stalin quote: "One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic." And he understood that so well as he exterminated millions. But we have to see the one death as a tragedy. And we have to say, I can prevent maybe one tragedy, maybe two, maybe five. If I can prevent five tragedies, my life will have been worth living."" Read the entire article here.

I was struck when I read that the notable, generation-wide sin for my generation could be apathy. It didn't sound like something I wanted to be, but I wasn't totally clear in the details of the definition, so I looked it up:

ap.a.thy: (noun) 1. lack of feeling or interest, impassive. 2. lack of interest or concern, indifferent.

Yikes. Not something I want to see next to my name in the Book of Life when I get there. We had a little boy from Bolivia and a little girl from Guatemala who we sponsored through World Vision from 2001-2005. It was really a supremely hard decision to stop sponsorship when our life fell apart in 2005. It is such a weight of responsibility, and I felt like such a failure when we had to let them go. I learned today that World Vision serves in 8 US locations.

Its something to think about, that when we get to heaven, we sit with God and he goes over the rewards we have earned, and the rewards we could have earned. We all have opportunities to serve the poor and needy, which is a commandment like the Great Commission. I have heard a few similar things which give me pause;

that if you have the money enough to buy a book, and the education to read it,


if you have change in a little dish on your dresser and a job,


if you have a roof over your head with real walls around you, and you don't fear that your child will starve,

then you are richer than some crazy high percentage of people in the world.

I mean, really, we are so blessed that even people like me are wealthier than most of the world! How can we sit here, with high speed internet and AC and say we can't afford to help feed someone maybe the only meal they will get that day?!