06 May 2009


Man is like a breath; his days are like a fleeting shadow.
Psalm 144:4

Yesterday I added alot of items to my Etsy page. Some of it was cards or baby blankets but most of it was ephemera. I love ephemera. It's a word that means transitory, temporary things, usually paper, like lists, tickets, posters, newspaper, envelopes and receipts-- things you just need for a moment and then usually throw away. These are the reason I began to scrapbook so long ago. To put the fragments of life- the scraps- in there with the photos that tell the story. Then when I had kids the precious ephemera quadrupled- ha! and that was just for one. No, joking. You wanna know a deep dark secret? I collect stamps. I love them. They are just so beautiful. I have at least 7 mini-collections, or focuses, in my stamp collection: Post Office; mothers/ teachers/ women; American quotes; American expansion; disabilities; and then personal ones from my life: Smokey the bear, AF, Maryland; and some space ones. And just for Lacey, and anyone else reading from the Deaf community...these! So you know my dirty secret. And I know you are all going to click on all of those links because you are so interested! (It's ok.)

When I post ephemera on my Etsy, I feel nostalgic and a little sad. Is someone going to find my kid's photos in a box at some auction in 75 years and snatch it up as a 'find?' I can just see the ad on Ebay now: "Cute child in vintage cotton shirt. Drinking old-fashioned style juice box. Sitting on what appears to be a wooden chair. Unsure of year, surely before 2015. Who was this child? Where did she live? What became of her? We'll never know."