24 April 2009

What I'm Devouring

I am completely enthralled with this book, again. I have read it at least two other times, and reread the two chapters entitled "Magnifying Christ Through Pain and Death" (lovely!) and "Living to Prove He is More Precious Than Life" so much that they are completely marked up and folded over for emphasis. Here is a little morsel:

"We Boast Best in the Cross When we Bear It"
"Bearing the cross is the means by which we are increasingly liberated to boast in the cross. Suffering is God's design in this sin-soaked world (Romans 8:20). It portrays sin's horror for the world to see. It punishes sin's guilt for those who do not believe in Christ. It breaks sin's power for those who take up their cross and follow Jesus. And because sin is the belittling of the all-satisfying glory of God, the suffering that breaks its power is a severe mercy. Whatever makes us more and more able to enjoy making much of God is a mercy. For there is no greater joy than joy in the greatness of God. And if we must suffer to see this and savor it most deeply, then suffering is a mercy."