24 April 2009

Still Here!

For those of you (gasp) not from TEXAS, meet the Hill family R-L: Ladybird, Bobby, Luann, Peggy (aka Hank's Wife), Hank. From pretty-true-to-Texan-life tv show, King of the Hill.

My dear, dear Aunt left the most encouraging message for me under my April 18th post, "Poured Out." Any mothers out there will find it just wonderful. I don't know where I've been all week- but today was a most productive day- finished wallpaper, moved furniture, rearranged closets, sold two cards on Etsy. Phew!

James has been in New Braunfels all week with his father, who is in the hospital recovering from surgery to remove a tumor from his stomach... they ended taking his entire stomach and part of his liver! Prayers welcome! I call Jack "Eeyore" and he calls me "James' wife" (ref. to King of the Hill) or "Yankee." In jest.

So I have been brainstorming and plotting and planning for days and when James comes home he will surely wonder if he's in the right house. (But then he'll see the sink overflowing with dishes and he'll know he's home!) I've been so proud of him. He's been supporting his dad and stepmom and working from the hospital on his laptop and his cell. But he did manage to check out the local garden center.

Jackson got stung on the ear by a wasp and has a big cauliflower ear. Nathan is saying 'water' and 'uh-huh' and he stepped on something and said 'hot!' but it turned out to be a caution/danger word, not heat. Lily may have an ear infection. She wanted cold chocolate soymilk with marshmallows in it. And my Claire said she missed praying and doing Bible in school and reading The Christian Girl's Guide to Your Mom with me. So she sat on the couch with me after everyone was in bed and wrote her favorites on big index cards (like I do). I told her to start at Psalm 23 but she liked parts of 26 & 27 also. So we sat on the couch and she dubbed it the "bible feeling good club."