28 April 2009

Referral to Excellence

April 20 - 24, 2009. Those are the dates that you should read at the Girl Talk blog if you are a discouraged mom, or the parent of a wayward teen. This is a blog written by a mom and her 3 grown daughters. The mom is the wife of the former pastor of our church which we attended in Maryland, called Covenant Life Church. It is a church-planting, spirit-led church . If you don't have a home church you should check the link and see if one is near you. The pastor of Covenant Life now is Joshua Harris, author of four (excellent) books.

My 'first born,' our dog, Eli, is having a serious allergy attack and some sort of ear infection. He is about 11-12 years old already. I can't think too hard about the day we might lose him. I gave him a bath and rubbed him dry, and rubbed his ear till he made sad/happy dog noises, like I want to make when I really itch at a mosquito bite. He's asleep, snoring on one couch, and James is asleep, snoring on the other. My poor old man. Eli, not James.