04 April 2009

Life-Changing Book

I have to brag on an excellent, life-changing, God-honoring and practical book. My church offered guidance classes led by lay-counselors the fall that things were so crummy (2006). They had one on life after divorce (not divorced). They had one on grief (no body-yet). They had one on marriage (no husband to bring). They had one on parenting (couldn't focus). Then they had a vague-sounding one on "Boundaries," whatever that was. Since I canceled all of our marriage counseling, I was still floundering, and was told that the Boundaries class would be helpful for me.
The class is the typical book/workbook/video segment/talk kind of class. The first class had a video of a mom who did her son's homework, didn't disagree with her husband and got stuck staying late at work, etc., etc. I said, "I don't think this class will be about me." HA! Little did I know what was in store for me.