15 April 2009

Creation Reveals the Creator

The weather, per Claire's scientific investigation, has been 82' here the past few mornings. I sit on my driveway on safety patrol while the kids play. Easter Sunday they played in the garage and not on the driveway, and I had a chance to stare out uninterrupted at the yard and around our curve of the street. The sunlight dappled through the trees, shadowing the grass into at least 4 or 5 shades of green. The wind slurred through, making the tops of the live oaks shushle around, but it was still where I sat. A few of the plants in the front had color blooming. I thought of the deer that frequent the rose at the end of the driveway, tiptoeing through in the early morning. A quick movement catches my eye but all I see when I turn is a feathery tail of a squirrel leaping from the tree to the roof... I have heard his feet bounding from right to left over my bedroom ceiling. The black mulch is darker where everything was watered last. The decorative grasses swish and I tell Claire to take the ponytail holder out of it. I can see tall offshoots on the olive tree... I remember the auburn and yellow of the snapdragons. This sounds like a landscaping course, but as I sat there I was in awe of God's creation. It was so beautiful, and it was just a suburban street. But I could envision the ants trundling back and forth, the worms under the St. Augustine grass, the hawk soaring through the bits of sky looking for an unaware little snack. It was just gorgeous and it was a gift to me, for me to enjoy; a gift that should send me to the creator to give him thanks and praise for it. He did such a good job! It all could've been gray. Plants could pollinate some way other than flowers. There could've been only one kind of tree to make O2. But he did it so well, for our enjoyment and his glory.


Margie said...

You have a beautiful way with words. Isn't our Lord so good!