17 March 2009

The Ones I am Raising Up

These are the four children I have. Right now they are 7, 5, 3, and 1. Claire is the oldest, and very dramatic. She can be incredibly nuturing and so we say her superpower is love. She is learning how to appropriately exhibit her power. Jackson is next, lover of Legos and an excellent technical artist. He is practicing using the strength God gave him for good and not evil purposes (ie., assisting his sisters and not shoving them). Lillian (Lily) is my baby girl who we call Cactus Flower, as she is frequently more prickly than flowery. She is into princesses and having her own way. She is working on staying calm while we figure out what kind of assistance she needs. Beautiful rays of gentleness and care are becoming more and more frequent. And the baby is Nathan, which means 'gift.' He is full of laughter and to see him rush after the others is so wonderful. He doesn't sleep through the night and is a member of B.A. (Breastfeeders Anonymous). He totally abuses his power as Last Biological Baby.


Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

Thank you for submitting your post to my Mommy Inspired Blog Carnival. I have included it in the May 2009 edition at http://www.ageorgiaangel.com/blog/?p=833. Great article. I enjoyed reading it.